Club Rides

At this time of year, we usually run 3 or 4 groups on a Saturday morning departing 07:30-8:00am, dependent on the season, at the Cenotaph in the Old Town and finishing at the Beech House in the New Town.

If you are joining us for the first time we may ask you to join a specific group depending on experience. Routes are typically 35-60 miles long and will always include several hills as they are unavoidable living in the Chilterns. Do take this into account when comparing your average ride speed with those of our various groups. Hills will typically decrease your average speed by 1mph for every 1000ft of climbing and more for longer rides.

We also run rides on a regular basis for new, returning or inexperienced riders. These rides start at 09:00 and will typically be around 15-20 miles in length.

Sunday rides are at 08:00 and start at the Cenotaph and finish at the Beech House. They are intended to be a little shorter but will follow a similar format to our Saturday rides.

We won’t leave you behind as this is a social group and if you do drop off the back for whatever reason someone will come back and find you. However, if you are in one of the faster groups and you are struggling to keep up we may ask you to drop back and wait for the next group to arrive. Please do not be offended if we ask you to do this as it will make your ride much more enjoyable. Routes normally allow for an exit if you need to be home earlier.

So that you can judge what group would be best for you, the groups we run are typically:

.    Mellow – c. 20-30 miles avg 12-14 mph

.    Medium – c. 30-40 miles avg 13.5-15.5 mph

.    Medium fast – c. 40-60 miles avg 14.5-17 mph

.    Fast – c. 50-70 miles avg 16-18.5 mph