In June 2013 Alister Beveridge bought a Trek Madone from Saddle Safari in Marlow, his second road bike, after the purchase of a Holdsworth Equipe in 1977. STI Levers, carbon frames and clipless pedals had all but passed him by. Unfortunately, 2013 proved not to be a great year for cycling and once the initial enthusiasm had passed the Trek had only covered 152 miles that year.

 A promise to do more and a place in the 2014 Prudential Ride London led to a little more effort for the first half of 2014 but still not enough to ride 100 miles. A friend had ridden with a small group of cyclists on a Saturday morning led by Simon Everitt and he suggested joining them. There followed his  first 50 mile ride with a group of real cyclists, it was hard work!

The cycling bug had begun to bite and after a few weeks of riding with Simon’s group Alister suggested forming a Cycling Club. Some were keen, others didn’t see any need but while the pros and cons were being discussed he went ahead and created the club, registered it with British Cycling and what was then the CTC and importantly secured the all-important domain name. Drawing heavily on the experience of British Cycling a draft constitution was created and this was officially signed in September 2014 by Simon Everitt (Chairman), Alister Beveridge (Secretary) and Daryl Smith (Treasurer). BCC was born with just a handful of members. Then the hard work started! Building a website, creating routes, learning how to run a club, holding the money in a tin (no bank account). It took 6 months to secure enough membership income to repay Alister the initial setup costs.

The famous pink kit came some months later as there were not enough members to secure that first order. The design was led by Simon and was heavily influenced by a Beaconsfield ladies cycling group that met on a Wednesday and had already designed a Pink and Black outfit. As knowledge increased it became apparent that it was a good idea to have club liability insurance in place to protect Club Officials and ride leaders and consequently many of the ladies joined BCC and the Wednesday rides became part of the BCC calendar.

Members joining before July 2015 were given an extended membership period expiring in July 2016. This was partly to encourage members to join and partly to avoid the hassle of administration until processes had been established to administer the club efficiently. Between September 2014 and the Club’s first AGM in December 2015 membership grew slowly but surely with the 100th member arriving at the end of September 2015. From initial club rides of sometimes 2 or 3 riders groups of 20 were now regularly turning up on a Saturday. Demand eventually led to a Sunday ride designed in those days to be a social, short and gentle ride. How things have changed!

Simon began to master the skills of organising trips to Majorca and other destinations and as an affiliated British Cycling Club members were allowed to ride the London velodrome. Club records began to fall rapidly as new faster members joined and at the same time demand for more gentle rides grew steadily leading to the introduction of the Mellow rides.

As of July 2018 membership stands at 170+, which is roughly 1.5% of the population of Beaconsfield, and is still growing.