Beaconsfield to Paris

In September 2018, for the first time, BCC did a charity ride from Beaconsfield to Paris over 3 days.

The ride went early on a Friday to Portsmouth, then on the ferry to Caen for a Saturday ride to Evreux and from there, on Sunday, to Paris where we got on the Eurostar and came home. All in all, nearly 240 miles and about 10,000 feet of climbing. Albeit the weather was less than kind – stormy, windy and at times very wet – the 30 riders that did it all had a great time. For many it was the first multi-day ride they had done so there was also a great sense of achievement.

The ride was very social and some did struggle to ride in the mornings!!

The charities supported were Butterfly House and the Cavernoma Alliance. Respectively, a local Beaconsfield Hospice and a charity specialising in assisting brain bleed patients.

Ideas for a charity ride next year are already being discussed. Hopefully we’ll see you on next year’s charity ride.