BCC 2019 Events

Hello to everyone at Beaconsfield Cycling Club

As many of you know at the last AGM, there have been some changes to the BCC committee. We now have the position of Events Manager, which I volunteered for… Just in case you are not sure its Me ! (Adrian Bates).

Below I have a list of Social and Cycling events that will hopefully take place during 2019.

Club Social Evening
Club Social Evening will take place every 2nd Tuesday of each month, kicking off with the first one at the Saracens Head Old Town Beaconsfield from 7:30 on February 12th. We will probably alternate it between here and the Beech House, after the refurb is done. Please come a long for a catch up, and maybe a drink or two !

Good Friday Massacre 
Easter routes will be on the one drive closer to the time. Kicking off with the infamous Good Friday Massacre ! (19th April) You have been warned……

Breakfast meet up
We are planning to have a Breakfast meet up on a Saturday, after riding at the Beech House.(once it has reopened). We will make sure all rides finish at the same time. It will be open to all riders and non riders alike on the day, and if successful, I will plan to organise this once a quarter.

Time Trials and Hill Climb
I understand that many of you have already signed up for the TT events already. This is being run and organised by Phil Roker. No need for special bikes or kit, just turn up and do your best!
There is a small entrance fee for each event, but is only a few pounds. List of dates below.
If you do not want to ride, Phil is always looking for volunteers to help on the day.

Please contact him directly if you would like to take part, or volunteer. phil.roker@hotmail.co.uk

• 3rd March – H10/2
• 17th March – H25/4
• 7th April – H25/4
• 19th May – H25/4
• 9th June – H50/4
• 18th August – H25/4
• 1st September – H10/4
• 6th October – Hill Climb

Vintage Bike Ride
There has been quite a lot of interest shown for a Vintage Bike Ride. This will take place most likely in August (exact date TBC). There will be a short ride most likely to a local pub, where you can show off your Vintage cycle to other BCC members or anyone willing to listen….. It will be a flat route, so not to strain bikes or riders !

BCC ride to Cyclists Memorial Cenotaph, Meriden – 18/19 May 2019
Rob smith has kindly volunteered to organise the following event.

Each year cyclists from a lot of clubs (obviously more in Midlands) ride to the national cyclists war memorial on the green in Meriden (‘the middle of England’). Thought as 100 years since end of First WW would be nice for group from BCC were to ride to it (90 miles).

As the event is at 11am on Sunday 19th would need to ride to near there on Sat 18th and stop over night.(86 miles)

Could ride back all (bit of a push), or drop into a Chiltern line station to take some of the strain, in the afternoon on the Sunday.

If you would like to sign up or know a little more, please contact Rob at robertcharlessmith100@gmail.com

And finally Christmas/End of Season Dinner (GROAN)
We have been discussing a Christmas/ End of season Dinner (probably to take place in November 2019). This would be open to all BCC members and their partners. We are looking at several different venues locally, but even at this stage, if you are interested, please let me know as a rough idea of numbers would be really useful. We are planning to make it a fun night, with awards for cycling events and, achievements made by BCC members in 2019. Categories to be announced soon.

Many thanks for taking time to read this, and if you have any questions on the above, please contact me at events@beaconsfield.cc

Hope to see you all out and about on the roads soon. I’ve also added an extra event from Alister below

Kind regards



Road coaching at Hillingdon

Many of you will remember that we attended a joint road coaching session with the Greagrios at Hillingdon about two years ago! It was enjoyed by all and was of great benefit to both new and experienced riders.

The Gregarios have booked another session for the 7th April and have asked if we would like to join them. Don’t know the cost right now but it wasn’t much last time so is unlikely to be this time. The session should last three hours and is a great opportunity to improve your road skills in a safe traffic free environment.

If you are interested please let me know ASAP as the session is unlikely to go ahead unless we have enough riders between both clubs. As an added incentive I will likely be one of the coaches on duty on the day!