Time Trialling – March to October

Time Trials and Hill Climb

Many members have already signed up for the TT events already. This is being run and organised by Phil Roker. No need for special bikes or kit, just turn up and do your best!
There is a small entrance fee for each event, but is only a few pounds. List of dates below.
If you do not want to ride, Phil is always looking for volunteers to help on the day.

Please contact him directly if you would like to take part, or volunteer. phil.roker@hotmail.co.uk

• 3rd March – H10/2
• 17th March – H25/4
• 7th April – H25/4
• 19th May – H25/4
• 9th June – H50/4
• 18th August – H25/4
• 1st September – H10/4
• 6th October – Hill Climb