Memorial Ride – May 18/19th

BCC ride to Cyclists Memorial Cenotaph, Meriden – 18/19 May 2019
Rob smith has kindly volunteered to organise the following event.

Each year cyclists from a lot of clubs (obviously more in Midlands) ride to the national cyclists war memorial on the green in Meriden (‘the middle of England’). Thought as 100 years since end of First WW would be nice for group from BCC were to ride to it (90 miles).

As the event is at 11am on Sunday 19th would need to ride to near there on Sat 18th and stop over night.(86 miles)

Could ride back all (bit of a push), or drop into a Chiltern line station to take some of the strain, in the afternoon on the Sunday.

If you would like to sign up or know a little more, please contact Rob at