Club News – October 4th

Hi All,

Isle of Wight trip this Sunday, the gpx file is on the share 061019RJ65, weather looks reasonable once the ride starts after the ferry trip. It’s a great day out, cycling in unspoiled quiet countryside. Bring cash, I think there’s one ATM on the island….meet at 630am at the cenotaph to drive down together.

If you’ve had the chance to read my riding skills communication, I’ll be out on Saturday and happy to ride with groups that are keen to improve the 2×2 technique. Let me know.  If you haven’t, please do, it’s on the share in the routes folder. 

All results are now in from all the competitive events for the season, champions will be awarded their trophies, yes, trophies at the First annual BCC Christmas Dinner and Awards night on the Saturday 23rd November. If you haven’t got your tickets yet, look for the next reminder on how to get them from Adrian, or come chat at the weekend. In case you’re not aware, this is a black tie preferred event, so no cycling T-shirts or Lycra and bring your other half..

Etape details are out, fancy a weekend in Nice? Looks like there’s going to be a few of us this year. It’s a loop so no need for luggage transfers, makes for a much easier trip. Look for details coming your way.

Finally, mudguards. Enough said. We will introduce the wall of shame again later in the month for those still not compliant. Don’t be that guy/lady..

Ride safe,


Link and summary  of this weekends rides are at the bottom of the page but please take a moment to read the club guidelines. 

Mellow rides 1st Sat and 3rd Sun of the month @ 9 am, a relaxed 10-12 mph ride for beginner riders, volunteers are always welcome and most needed ! Route available the day before on the share. Email if you can help and check our website for details.

Groups: We usually have a slow, medium and fast group for each distance, please choose your group carefully so you don’t disrupt the momentum of the group by either being too fast for it or too slow.

Clothing: Club colours whenever possible please. The link to Endura’s custom kit website is below, Winter order and Race top order is now open. if you need a logon, email Rob at 

Bikes: Mudguards season is over…enjoy, but please make sure you have appropriate and serviceable tires for the roads round here, even in summer months they can still be flinty, lightweight race tires are not recommended..

Bike Fitting: we have a selection of stems for club members to experiment with their position. Email Alister Beveridge. 

ICE tags or Road ID: Please make sure you have a prominently displayed ID tag with emergency numbers in case of a road incident. If you need an ICE tag, please come see me or Rob Jones at a pre-ride meet. Ensure your BC membership page is updated with an emergency contact. 

Routes: please ensure you download the days route and load your GPS device, link to routes below. More routes are always welcome, send yours to me or to Grant Hepburn. Feedback on the days routes is also welcome. 

Incidents: Ride leaders, please immediately report any accident, however small, to the club welfare officer