Club News – July 4th

Hi All,
My favorite time of the year, suns out, I’m half fit and the Tour is about to start ! Whats not to enjoy.

Endura has sent out all of the kit, it should be with you by now. If, and I know I fall into this category..have ordered a jersey based on expected fitness and weight and have perhaps not quite got there…so its a bit snug…..don’t send out a Strava post please, come down to the social event next Tue with the offending jersey and see if you can swap it. If that doesn’t work out, Rob Smith our kit secretary will devise a plan. We could sell your jersey on your behalf or be a keeper for a swap at a later date. 

We still have the winter kit order open, it will close at the end of the month for a Sept delivery. I can arrange another sample session if you are concerned about fit, just let me know either at the ride or at the social.

There is a 28M Mellow Plus ride this Sat, route on the share. Helpers always welcome.

As well as our normal routes for the weekend, I’ve put a longer route up for Saturday as the Etape UK and Albertville are nearly upon us and folks going there will be keen to get a challenging ride under their belt. 

The club hill climb is end of July up the Hellfire Caves, why not pre ride it on a post work ride ! 

Ride safe,

Link and summary  of this weekends rides are at the bottom of the page but please take a moment to read the club guidelines. 

Mellow rides 1st Sat and 3rd Sun of the month @ 9 am, a relaxed 10-12 mph ride for beginner riders, volunteers are always welcome and most needed ! Route available the day before on the share. Email if you can help and check our website for details.

Groups: We usually have a slow, medium and fast group for each distance, please choose your group carefully so you don’t disrupt the momentum of the group by either being too fast for it or too slow.

Clothing: Club colours whenever possible please. The link to Endura’s custom kit website is below, (our order is now closed) if you need a logon for next time, email Rob at The BCC Polo order has now closed, delivery end of June.

Bikes: Mudguards season is over…enjoy, but please make sure you have appropriate and serviceable tires for the roads round here, even in summer months they can still be flinty, lightweight race tires are not recommended..

Bike Fitting: we have a selection of stems for club members to experiment with their position. Email Alister Beveridge. 

ICE tags or Road ID: Please make sure you have a prominently displayed ID tag with emergency numbers in case of a road incident. If you need an ICE tag, please come see me or Rob Jones at a pre-ride meet. Ensure your BC membership page is updated with an emergency contact. 

Routes: please ensure you download the days route and load your GPS device, link to routes below. More routes are always welcome, send yours to me or to Grant Hepburn. Feedback on the days routes is also welcome. 

Incidents: Ride leaders, please immediately report any accident, however small, to the club welfare officer