Club News – January 4th

Quick comments
Happy new year to all! Looks like it’s going to be a great weekend to ride, little cold, but dry. Hopefully you managed a few rides over the festive season and are well on your way, if you need a gentle immersion Geraint is running a mellow ride on Sat @9am.
Last week saw one of the most cohesive group rides I’ve had the pleasure of participating in on the long ride, however, based on some comments, the shorter course, not so much !
With that, can I remind people to load the routes and join a group that is suited to their current level of fitness. Most importantly , try and keep the groups together, it’s a more enjoyable and safer experience.
Grant has informed me there is an edit in progress on Sats short route, so please make sure you look for the revised file later today.
Lights/Routes/Action !


Link and summary  of this weekends rides below but please take a moment to read the road guidelines. 

It’s officially cold outside, at this time of year we can all make a couple of changes that can keep ourselves and our ride companions a little safer and comfortable.

Clothing: Wear layers, it’s more effective and can more easily be removed if the temperature increases during the ride. Wear bright colours which ideally will be club kit, Bring a gilet or similar if there’s a possibility of rain.

Bikes: Your bike must be fitted with a good fully charged and working rear light. Mudguards are necessary at this time of year, a minimum of a rear mudguard, no ass savers please..offenders will be named and shamed !

Tyres: PLEASE use suitable heavier tyres for winter conditions and check your tyres for flints, glass etc before the ride.

ICE tags or Road ID: Please make sure you have a prominently displayed ID tag with emergency numbers in case of a road incident. Please also ensure your BC membership page is updated with an emergency contact.

Garmin route loading: Please make every effort to preload the route you intend to ride.
If you are like me always pressed for time to connect your device to your PC, then I recommend using DynamicWatch, an app that syncs to your Garmin and pulls in GPX files from remote sites like the MS share we use. Quick and easy.