Club News – January 11th

Looks like the weather is going to be kind to us again this weekend. Come on out.
Our friends at the Beech House have closed down in order to renovate for 3 months. The traditional post ride coffee will therefore have to shift temporarily to Costas!
lets hope they’ve picked up some extra speed in the new year.
Another very cohesive ride from the A team last week, following some discussions regarding techniques in rotating the group we will be adopting the BC technique of rotating one at a time, anti-clockwise. This keeps us at a max of 2 lines and protects the riders riding in the gutter as they go back down the line.
If anyone doing the long/faster route Sat is uncertain of how this works come chat before we set off. As the weeks roll on we will see how this fairs and bring into the other groups.
Please note that the Marlow bypass is closed for the weekend so be careful coming through Marlow as there will likely be increased trafffic and some frustrated drivers. Be assertive, take the lane if needed and ride together.
Be safe.