Club News – April 18th

Hi All,

Theres a ton of stuff going on, I’ll keep it brief !

Tomorrow 8am , Good Friday Massacre. Meet at the Cenotaph, routes on the share. Good luck..😁

Weekend rides if anyone still has the legs looking like they will also take place in glorious sunshine. 730am Sat, 8 am Sun.

Kit arrangements have been making steady progress, if you wish to purchase kit, now or in the future, make sure we have your permission to add your email address to the system. Send a quick email to letting Rob know it’s ok to add you.
You wont have access to all the fantastic custom and well priced kit we’ve all put together if you don’t.

The first BCC club championship event is next weekend, starts in Henley-on -Thames Saturday morning. be great to see everyone start in Pink all together.  Routes are on the share drive.

Ride safe,


Please take a moment to read the road guidelines.

Remember, a group that rides together cohesively, goes faster and more safely.

It’s getting warmer, I’m sure we can still make a couple of changes that can keep ourselves and our ride companions a little safer and comfortable.

Clothing:: Wear club Pink if possible.

Bikes: Mudguards season is over…enjoy

ICE tags or Road ID: Please make sure you have a prominently displayed ID tag with emergency numbers in case of a road incident. If you need an ICE tag, please come see me or Rob Jones at a pre ride meet.  Please also ensure your BC membership page is updated with an emergency contact.

Garmin route loading: Please make every effort to preload the route you intend to ride.
If you are like me always pressed for time to connect your device to your PC, then I recommend using DynamicWatch, an app that syncs to your Garmin and pulls in GPX files from remote sites like the MS share we use. Quick and easy.