BCC Kit Ordering

Good Afternoon BCC,

By now, if you have responded to our request to add you to Endura’s ordering platform, you should have received an email with your log on details

I have placed a shopping basket of all the items that we are able to purchase but it is just a test order
the reason for this is that we must first estimate our total volume and apply the discount to the prices shown The prices shown are the 1 each price, meeting the minimum should see 20% off, higher if we reach the next volume breaks
This will be shown when we go live after discussing total volume when business opens Tuesday.

The baskets picture items in Endura colors…not ours !
Our colors will be in two designs, Summer and Winter. Winter will be limited to winter jackets, gilets and l/s jerseys, all others will be in existing summer colors. This will keep the winter kit cleaner as we deal with winter muck and dirty UK roads.

Take a look around,

Any questions or to be added to the Endura system please reply to Rob Smith at kit@beaconsfield.cc

Kind regards





Good Afternoon BCC,

The Endura Club Kit ordering time is almost upon us!

The way the system has been designed YOU must confirm the following is OK, or you will not be able to order !!!

In order to place an order with Endura on their on-line ordering system we must provide them with your email address, phone number and name which will be used for the purpose of completing the order. You will not be able to place an order until you have explicitly given Rob Smith (kit@beaconsfield.cc) permission to do so, or reply to THIS email.

Endura’s privacy policy can be found here, https://www.endurasport.com/support/privacy-policy/

It is then all down to you to choose what you require, make payment and enter the rest of your details for delivery.

Just remember the more YOU order the greater OUR discount will be, so don’t hang back !

Any questions please reply to Rob Smith at kit@beaconsfield.cc

Kind regards